Dancing makes us happier

Dancing makes us happier

Did you know dancing is one of the oldest human practices that exist? And it is not casual. It is a practice that makes us happy. In fact, today we are going to talk about it, about How dancing can help you be happier.

Reasons why dancing makes you happier

Let's have a look at main reasons why dancing will make you happier. Keep in mind that there are some other reasons. Here we only mention the most relevant, but there are others that are also important:

1. You release dopamine

The first and main reason why dancing makes you feel good is because you release Dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good and happy. It also does the same with serotonin, which has similar functions.

Therefore, when we dance, we not only receive a kind of placebo effect or simply feel good about being with people doing something fun. There are really chemical elements that circulate in the brain and make you feel better.

In this sense, dancing is like a drug ... But it doesn't hurt you!

2. You exercise

There is little doubt that dancing is one of the most important exercises you can do. You are in constant motion and also having fun. It is the most fun cardio exercise you can perform.

This has different positive aspects for your physical health, but also for your mental health. And, because you exercise, you can get all the benefits you get from it (such as having a blank mind or releasing endorphins).

In addition, it will allow you to have a more attractive body, which always comes in handy to feel good about ourselves and have greater mental health and emotional stability. So, dancing is the best way to be perfectly both inside and out.

3. Oxygen the brain

When you are dancing, the brain develops new neural connections thanks to its oxygenation. These new neuronal connections lead to a younger brain and more awake reflexes.

In fact, moving a little before doing a job that will require your attention (whether dancing or exercising), is a fantastic way to improve your capacity of attention.

So much so, that in Japan several companies force their workers to do ten minutes of exercise before getting to work. Why not try dancing at home before going to work?

4. You approach people in good spirits

Naturally, the act of dancing will put you in touch with other people who also dance. And, in general, the people who dance (and we don't necessarily talk about professionals) are optimistic people with a taste for life.

Surrounding yourself with these types of people will make you feel better about yourself, because it will always keep you in a positive attitude towards life, and, when you have a problem, you will have a group of positive-minded people who will be willing to help you.

In fact, although it seems a lie, one of the points that most commonly report as positive people who like to dance, is not that they feel better or exercise, but that they relate to fantastic people.

So, if you think you need to have good people around you, try dancing more often.

5. Lengthen your life

We have already talked about that dancing helps to exercise the body and keep the brain young. As you can imagine, this, applied day by day over the years, has very interesting consequences.

Exercise, having a healthy brain, and being surrounded by good friends and better people is the magic formula to be able to live longer and always do it with a young vital attitude.

You just have to compare older people who have danced throughout their lives with those who have had a more "bitter" lifestyle. The former have a vital attitude much better than the latter.

6. You can find a partner!

Finally, mention that the dance floors and discos have been always one of the main places to find a partner. Therefore, this is another point to keep in mind why you should consider going dancing.

Who knows, maybe the love of your life is waiting in a disco ... Are you going to miss that opportunity? Dare to be happy dancing and meeting people who can change your life as you never thought!

As you can see, You have to dance to be happier. In fact, it is one of the best ways to balance serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and make us feel good about ourselves. So ... Let's dance!

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