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The "Yellow Day" or Happiest Day of the Year

The "Yellow Day" or Happiest Day of the Year

Is there a day in the year when more people manifest a better mood? This question was asked by a group of experts, including students of behavior, weather and climate (meteorologists), concluding that the happiest day of the year should be the result of the sum of certain psychosocial factors, Economic and even climatological.

What is the happiest day of the year? The "Yellow day"Or happier day is celebrated on June 20th, since the sum of certain variables results in an increase in the ability to enjoy the day. Find out what they are and make the most of this “back to the sun”.


  • 1 Factors that make “Yellow Day” the happiest day of the year
  • 2 The sun and physical activation
  • 3 May the eternal sun enlighten you
  • 4 Shine on the happiest day of the year

Factors that make “Yellow day ” the happiest day of the year

  • Warm temperatures or more pleasant in various regions of the world.
  • Increase in hours with sunlight due to the arrival of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and the benefits that the king star has on the mood of people.
  • One cycle to finish and another to the door to start.
  • Increase of productivity, because sunlight allows to extend all kinds of activities.
  • The arrival of the extra summer pay, which is also a good incentive.
  • Opening of temporary summer jobs and other productive ways of managing time.
  • It is often an extra time, which we can use to perform activities for which we generally do not have space, but they are important to us because they give us satisfaction: there is usually a time to rest or modify daily tasks a bit.
  • The holidays They are arriving.

Psychologist Mila Cahue said in this regard: "warm or intermediate temperatures feel better." The formula of “Yellow day"Or" happiest day of the year ", thus represents the opposite side of" Blue Monday "or saddest day of the year, which is located on the third Monday of the year.

The sun and physical activation

On this day we can try to disconnect a little from social networks and connect with solar energy and its benefits, commemorate life, focus on perceiving the beauty of flowers, the greenery of the fields and the smell of wet earth, if there is rain, to value the experience of Mother Nature, who teaches us, through this change of season: that things grow in due time and with proper care.

Sunny days and warm temperatures lend themselves to perform outdoor physical activities individually, with family and / or with friends, it is also the right time to enjoy the watersports Thanks warm temperatures.

May the eternal sun enlighten you

The sun is a renewable energy source which brings great benefits, not only to our blue planet, but also to our health, such as the following:

  1. It gives the skin a tan tone.
  2. Promotes healing.
  3. It helps our body to generate vitamin D, contributing to the absorption and deposition of calcium in the bones.
  4. Strengthens the health of teeth.
  5. Strengthens our immune system.
  6. By increasing the hours of sunlight, a reduction in the production of melatonin is generated, the latter is the one who helps regulate circadian and sleep rhythms, which is why we can be awake and energized for longer hours.
  7. Promotes the synthesis of  Serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood, emotion control, body temperature and sexual appetite among others.

Do you want another reason to be happy this day? “Its benefits are not only linked to planetary balance or our physical balance; It also influences our health: can move us spiritually and emotionally”(Living Planet, 2018).

Take sunbaths before 9 in the morning and after 5 in the afternoon with adequate sun protection, the frequency indicated and remembering to stay well hydrated is good for health. Unless you have manifested a problem on your skin, if you have sunspots or if your doctor has advised you something different, you should follow his advice and avoid photodamage.

Shine on the happiest day of the year

Many associations celebrate the International Sun Day June 21 and in turn is the early summer. Often, the color used in clothing to recharge solar energy at this time since ancient times is the WhiteWell, it's one that reflects the light and does not absorb it as much as dark colors, including heat energy, so it is ideal for use at high temperatures, some people use yellow on this day, whatever color you choose, the best option for "Happiest day of the year" is, of course: your smile.

After all, a healthy mood does not depend on external factors: you are the owner of your own energy, so It is in your hands to use these variables in your favor and make this day the happiest of the year.