Clonazepam, a potent anxiolytic and sedative

Clonazepam, a potent anxiolytic and sedative

Clonazepam is a type of drug that acts in the central nervous system with numerous anxiolytic and sedative properties. Let's see what it is, for what type of diseases and disorders it is indicated. Let's go deeper.

What is clonazepam?

Clonazepam is a drug that is part of the benzodiazepine group. This medication acts directly on the central nervous system, which makes it very common to treat disorders related to mental health.

Its commercialization is done under brands such as Coquan, Clonagin, Clonex, Diocam, Klonopin, Kriadex, Linotril, Neuryl, Paxam, Rivotril and Zatrix. Therefore, in pharmacies we will find it with these names.

Its consumption It is not recommended beyond thirty days and must always be taken under medical prescription. The reason is that the patient may develop an addiction to him, given the state of relaxation that causes him to take it.

Some of the most prominent properties of clonazepam are its anxiolytic properties. It is also used as an anti-convulsant, sedative and, ultimately, to stabilize the mood in people with problems of this type.

Therefore, it is a medication that is indicated in states of depression mainly. It is used as an anxiolytic antidepressant, so it helps to improve anxiety-related disorders.

The properties of clonazepam make it be used to treat serious crises, such as an atypical death or absence. It is a shock treatment that is prescribed for counteract the effects of an attack or panic crisis.

In other words, its effect as a mood stabilizer makes it the medicine that is used to deal with situations in which a great emotional load is experienced.

Once this is known, it is better understood that its consumption cannot be extended over time. Keep in mind that, due to its high tolerance, l clonazepamit can lead to an addiction, so it should not be administered over long periods of time.

For what diseases is clonazepam applied?

For all these reasons, one of the cases in which it is usually applied is to treat bipolar disorder. It is a serious disorder, which has nothing to do with moments of emotional changes, but has cycles that last for days or weeks and cause significant damage to the person.

Other disorders or conditions in which clonazepam is used are anxiety disorders, such as phobias and panic disorders. They are also used to combat sleep disorders, especially in people who have anxiety. Epileptic disorders are also they usually deal with this type of medication, as well as crises that cause seizures.

Finally, it can also be administered in people with alcohol addiction. This type of medicine is prescribed by doctors to overcome the withdrawal syndrome that causes you to stop ingesting this substance in an addicted person.

Clonazepam is taken orally and is marketed in tablet format. There are two variants: one of them is in pills that can be taken accompanied by water or that dissolve in the mouth.

The recommended dose should not exceed that of a pill three times a day. Thus, the doctor will advise that it be ingested every day at the same time, because yes, it must be consumed always under a doctor's prescription.

Due to the high tolerance it presents, it is usual to start with a smaller dose and that it grows. In this way, the treatment is initiated by taking lower doses, and these are gradually increasing as the days go by.

It is very important to know that the Clonazepam causes addiction and tolerance in the patient. In this way, we must be responsible for its consumption and never exceed the dose that the doctor tells us to take, because we can develop an addiction that will cost us a lot to get out of.

After all, medicine is here to help us overcome illnesses, but we must know that there are adverse effects and not allow us to end up developing another problem.

It is also important to know that this drug will help us control an emotional state at a specific time, but to overcome the problem we have, this treatment must be accompanied by a type of psychological therapy appropriate to the circumstances.

Definitely, Clonazepam is a medication that is indicated for anxiety disorders and depression However, we must not forget that this type of drug has to be prescribed by a professional, since otherwise we can run the risk of developing dependence on them.