125 inspirational phrases to start the day

125 inspirational phrases to start the day

Today we want to share with you this beautiful phrase collection and little life lessons so you can start the day with a little more wisdom and motivation with these beautiful phrases to start the day.

Appointments of the day

It is convenient to laugh without waiting to be happy, lest death surprise us without having laughed. Jean de la Bruyère

The important thing is not what destiny makes us, but what we make of it. Florence Nightingale

There is no nail so strong that I can stop the wheel of fortune. Miguel de Cervantes

There is no joy better than the joy spread among others. Henry F. Hoar

Joy is the main ingredient in the health compound. A. Murphy

The soul is like a besieged city: behind its resistant walls guard defenders. If the foundations are strong, the fortress will not have to capitulate. Epiceto

To educate intelligence is to broaden the horizon of your desires and your needs. J. R. Lowell

Happiness consists mainly of conforming to luck; Want to be what one is. Erasmus

The best doctors in the world are: Dr. Tranquility and Dr. Smiles

Many people miss the little joys while waiting for the great happiness. Pearl S. Buck

As long as one thing is in accordance with our nature, it will necessarily be good. Nicolás Espinosa.

The hero is not braver than any other person, he is only brave for five more minutes. Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is not a single mistake that his followers have not had. Locke

There are many forces in the human spirit that remain until something awakens and activates them. Jaime Balmes

Very few great men have been born in an easy family environment. Herman Keyserling

What is considered blindness of destiny is actually myopia itself. William Faulkner

Men of character like to hear about their faults; to the others, no. Georges Clemenceau

You need to know what you want; when it is known, it is necessary to have the courage to say it, and when it is said, it is necessary to have the courage to do it. Marcel Mart

The person who does not have a charitable heart suffers from the worst heart disease. William Faulkner

The experience is a wise man made to stumble. Ramón María de Campoamor

Youth is nonsense; maturity a struggle, old age a remorse. Benjamin Disraeli

Taking an advice to the letter, the same can cause happiness that misfortune. Seneca

If you are rich, give your money, if you are poor, give your heart. Proverb

Between his soul and that of a child there were no more differences than some scars. Andre Maurois

Fortune comes in some ships that are not guided. William Shakespeare

To educate is not to give a career to live, but to temper the soul for the difficulties of life.

There are no more erroneous calculations than those of selfishness. Arenal Conception

Envy is a declaration of inferiority. Napoleon Bonaparte

A man who has a beautiful soul always has beautiful things to say; But a man who says beautiful things does not necessarily have a beautiful soul. Confucius

Many times the disease is born from the same remedy. Baltasar Gracian

Freedom is the first daughter of love and the most attractive magnet stone for the irons of will. Felix Lope de Vega

Advise the ignorant, he will take you for his enemy. Arabic proverb

The eternal illusion, or at least often reborn in the human soul, is very close to reality. Andre Maurois

The imagination is a kind of complement of the senses, because it only represents what they have ever transmitted to us. Jaime Balmes

Expecting a happiness that is too big is an obstacle to happiness. Fontenelle

Passions are not cured by reason, but by other passions.

The experience is of no use. Experienced men are those players who point the cards that have come out, but do not know the ones that will come out. Santiago Ramón y Cajal

I do not wish to copy nature. I'm more interested in getting to her. Georges Branque

Happiness usually happens so quickly that it leaves no trace, except in the case of the works of the imagination. Sarah Bernand

The habit converts sumptuous pleasures into everyday needs. A. Huxley

There are extremely poor people because they only have money

One, with age, frees himself from doing things like the others, and quietly and fearlessly does what he thinks. William Somerset Byron

We have only the happiness we have given. Eduardo Pailleron

Doubt everything at least once, even if it is the phrase: "two times two is four." G. Lichtenberg

What is intended to wake up is not the desire to believe, but the desire to find, which is the opposite. Bertrand Russell

Destiny mixes the cards and we play. Arthur Shopenhauer

Fortune is a crystal; It shines, but it is fragile. Proverb

The first step of ignorance is to presume to know, and many would know if they didn't think they knew. Baltasar Gracian

I only fear my enemies when they start to be right. Diego Álvarez Correas

If they could not count their illnesses, there are many who would not be sick. Santiago Rusiñol

Chance is order of time. Guillermo Pérez Vilalta

Happiness does not consist in the many things possessed, but in the way of enjoying them, even if they are less. Francisco Andrés Suarez

Contracted habits are not corrected with opposite habits. Epiceto

If the causes did not exist, everything would be produced by everything and at random. Empirical text

We would not talk so much in society if we realized the little case we make of others when they speak. Noel Clarasó

Experience is the demonstration of demonstrations. Vaunevarges

Happiness is ephemeral; Deceptive certainty. Just hesitation is lasting. F. Chopin

Imagination imagines at night what is not found by day. Ramón Llull

Benefit me with your convictions, if you have them; but keep your doubts, for mine is enough for me. Goethe

Do not rush to talk, because that is proof of folly. Bias

Being a fool from birth is an incurable disease. Benjamin Johnson

Words are durfs, examples are gigants. Swiss Proverb

Money, which should serve to make men's happiness, often undoes it.

In all things, but much more in love, imagination goes beyond the limits of reality.

All the secret of my success is to pay as if it were prosperous and sell as if I were bankrupt. Henry Ford

Men usually, if they receive an evil, write it on marble, but if it is a good, they write it on the dust. Thomas Moores

It takes little to do things right, but less to do them wrong. Paul Bocuse

A grain of good experience at nine years is worth more than a moral course at twenty. J. Nievo

Knowing too much is getting old prematurely. Russian proverb

Better than any “lifting”, to stay young it is necessary to be in a permanent state of intellectual curiosity. Salvador Pániker

You should not imitate only one, even if you are the wisest. Seneca

Education is life insurance and a passport for eternity.

No fool complains of being so, they should not do so badly. Noel Clarasó

There is nothing less objective than a human being guided by his prejudices. José Luis Martín Barefoot

Where there is little justice it is serious to be right. Quevedo

Young people are like plants: by the first fruits we see what we can expect for the future. Democrats

After the blood itself, the best a man can give is a tear. Lamartine

Disease research has advanced so much that it is increasingly difficult to find someone who is completely healthy. Aldous Huxley

No one is really worthy of envy. Arthur Shopenhauer

To err is human, to persevere in error is diabolical. San Agustin

The only acceptable selfishness is to ensure that everyone is well for one to be better. Hyacinth Benevente

Experience is the sum of our disappointments. Anguez

He who lives only for himself is dead to others. Pablo Sirio

Do your enemy well if one day he needs you; it is enough for him to be punished to beg his opponent. Mariano Aguiló

To be able to speak is precise to be able to listen. Plutarch

The example is the school of humanity, the only school that can instruct it. Burke

The main disease of man is the restless curiosity of what he cannot know. Blaise pascal

Nothing is as common in the world as ignorance and charlatans. Cleobulus

The disease of the ignorant is to ignore their own ignorance. Amos Bronson Alcott

Never laugh at a child's tears. All pains are equal. Leberghe

Each time you teach, teach at the same time to doubt what you teach. José Ortega y Gasset

Being happy consists in realizing that one is living. Manuel Vincent

A tear says more than any word. The tear has great value: it is the sister of the smile. Alfred de Musset

Ideas are capitals that only earn interest in the hands of talent. Rivarol

The spiritual greed that those who, knowing something, try not to transmit their knowledge, is detestable. Miguel de Unamuno

Ingratitude is the daughter of pride. Miguel de Cervantes

If you never talked about a thing it would be as if it hadn't happened. O. Wilde

In all ages the little ones have had to atone for the nonsense of the big ones. Jean de la Fontaine

Happiness most often consists of being fooled. C. Bini

In the school of experience, the lessons cost faces, but only in them are the fools corrected. Benjamin Franklin

The love of the family is the only seed of the love of the country and of all social virtues. Funk Bentrano

Man's best friend and worst enemy is fantasy. Arturo Graf

The envy is so ugly that it always goes through the world in disguise, and never more hateful than when it pretends to disguise itself as justice. Benavente Hyacinth

The highest type of man is the one who works before speaking and professes what he practices. Confucius

I would like to live forever, at least to see how in a hundred years people make the same mistakes as me. Winston churchill

The tears shed are bitter, but more bitter are those that do not shed. Irish Proverb

A wise man does not sit down to lament, but he happily puts himself to his task of repairing the damage done. William Shakespeare

When I was young I read almost always to learn; Today, sometimes, I read to forget. Giovanni Papini

Freedom is not an end, it is a means to develop our forces. Mazini

The body is nothing more than an appearance that hides our reality. Reality is the soul. Victor Hugo

Many times men are deceived in their judgments, and worldly people also deceive themselves in loving only the visible. Tomás de Kempis

The value of an idea has nothing to do with the sincerity with which it expresses it. O. Wilde

All failure is the seasoning that gives flavor to success. Truman Capote

Do not hurry to reach the end of the race; Let something happen to you in front and you will walk safer with the experience of its dangers. Bion

In all the great men of science there is the breath of fantasy. Giovanni Papini

When happiness comes to pass, it never wears the clothes with which we thought we found it. Madame Amiel- Lapeyre

As long as there is someone who believes in an idea, the idea lives. José Ortega y Gasset

The ideal is in you. The obstacle to its fulfillment is also in you. Carlyle

There are three types of ingrates: those who silence the favor, those who charge it and those who come. Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of an intelligence effort. John ruskin

The freedom of understanding consists in being a slave of the truth, and the freedom of the will in being a slave of virtue. Jaime Balmes

A wrong opinion can be tolerated where reason is free to fight it. Thomas Jefferson