Famous phrases of Ramiro de Maeztu

Famous phrases of Ramiro de Maeztu

Ramiro de Maeztu He was a writer and Spanish political theorist. He lived between 1874 and 1936. He belonged to the Generation of 98 and was a driver of the concept of "Hispanicism" and everything that it represents. In addition, he was a member of the Spanish Academy.

Ramiro de Maeztu's works are one of the great legacies that Spanish Culture has. They have a great political, philosophical, historical, cultural and patriotic background.

Ramiro de Maeztu, aright intellectual, conservative and close to liberal positions, aroused hatred among the most exalted Republicans (socialists, communists, anarchists and separatists). When the Civil warHe was arrested with other people and executed without prior trial in the Madrid town of Aravaca. At the time of his vile murder, he exclaimed before him firing squad:

You don't know why you kill me, but I do know what I'm dying for: so that your children are better than you!

Famous phrases of Ramiro de Maeztu

“Life is presented to us in an unbearable dilemma: what is worth does not last; what is not worth is eternalized. ”

“We do not defend our being enough. And now we are at the mercy of the winds. ”

"Freedom does not have its value in itself: you have to appreciate it for the things that are achieved with it."

"Inequality is essential in the life of man: there is no more leveling standard than that of death."

“Freedom is our own tyranny; tyranny is the freedom of others. ”

"The advantage of democracy over other forms of government is that there is no breed in democracy interested in stifling thought so that it is not discussed."

“To live is to be astonished to be in the world, to feel strange, to be filled with anguish at the contingency of ceasing to be, to understand the constant probability of getting lost, the need to make friends among ourselves with beings, the contingency of them being enemies, and to be alert to the genuine and spurious, to truth and error. ”

"Perhaps the most urgent educational work in the world is to convince people that their greatest enemies are men who promise them impossible."

“The characteristic of the conscience is the restlessness, the constant vigilance, the perennial disposition to the defense. To be is to defend oneself. ”

“The Spanish sense of humanism was formulated by Don Quijote, when he said: Notice, Brother Sancho, that no one is more than another, if he does nothing more than another

"There is no work in Universal History comparable to that performed by Spain, because we have incorporated all races that were under our influence into Christian civilization."

“The country is spirit. This says that the being of the country is based on a value or an accumulation of values, with which the children of a territory on the ground they inhabit are linked. ”

“Our Hispanic sense tells us that any man, no matter how fallen, can get up; but also fall, no matter how it seems. In this possibility of falling or rising all men are equal. ”

"No one is more than another if he does nothing more than another."

"It makes no sense to say that men are equal before the law, when it is the law that maintains their inequality."

"In front of the Jews, who are the most exclusive people on earth, our feeling of catholicity and universality was forged, which is the main culmination of our race."

"The fraternity of men cannot have more foundation than the conscience of the common paternity of God."

It has happened to me that when English praise absorbed my personality, moving away from the spiritual ties that bind me to my homeland, I have left London more than in a hurry, to go to Spain. Nerd!; First of all, I am Spanish!