How do you consider yourself? Carrot, Egg or Coffee ...

How do you consider yourself? Carrot, Egg or Coffee ...

Before life and before the problems we are encountering, how do you consider yourself? Like a carrot, an egg or coffee?

I propose to carry out the following experiment: in three boats with boiling water, place a carrot in one of them, in the second one an egg and in the last 2 or 3 tablespoons of coffee. Let each element cook its normal cooking time.

What do you observe?

The carrot which was once rigid and hard, once cooked it transforms into a soft and easy to crush body with a fork.

The egg that with its fragile appearance if the corresponding time is cooked, it seems that it has not undergone any transformation but if we break the shell we find a hard and strong body.

And finally the coffee, has managed to dye all the water and has even contributed aroma and flavor.

This is a metaphor for how we can transform ourselves against adversities.

In the first case, the carrot, you are a person apparently strong, hard and difficult to disassemble, but in the face of adversity you become soft, fragile, vulnerable ... that you can even fall into a depression with relative ease.

If on the contrary you are like the egg, it means that even if you look like someone fragile, in the face of setbacks you are able to harden, you strengthen yourself and build a breastplate to avoid pain, armor that sometimes causes you to be very complicated to put yourself in the place of the other.

But if you are like coffee, adversities turn them into real opportunities to grow and strengthen you as a person, but without forgetting those around you and their needs, managing to be a true example of improvement for others.

You need to ask yourself if you feel the victim of circumstances, if you are complaining all day, or if you are faithful to your principles. If we get to know which of these elements we identify with, it will always be easier to remedy it.