Current diseases of the mind and how to solve them

Current diseases of the mind and how to solve them

There is a set of new diseases that spread and spread like foam among western citizens, among the inhabitants of large cities and owners - slaves of a social system based on constant production and consumption, without alternatives.

The industrialized society in which we live are the breeding ground of innumerable factors that affect our mental health, from the alienation of reality, the pressure to succeed, the need to accumulate objects, fierce competition in the workplace, the lack of self-esteem for not reaching goals or lack of perspective in life.

No one escapes any of these situations, some have been living with us for some time, such as family responsibilities, continuous and overwhelming movements through cities, concerns about the environment or situations of global instability, constant restlessness due to economic imbalances or the discomfort of incapacity due to the injustices of men.

All this dejection is weighing on modern man and sooner rather than later he will begin to show signs in habitual behavior, with the appearance of insomnia, aggressiveness, lack of ability to concentrate, etc., and sometimes they become diseases serious, such as depressions or other diseases that affect the human mind.


  • 1 Anxiety and negative effects on a psychological level
  • 2 Physical exercises to combat anxiety
  • 3 Other aids to eliminate states of distress

Anxiety and negative effects on a psychological level

In this sense, we must be prevented and avoid diseases such as anxiety or stress, trying to maintain a mental health to be able to make use of emotional and cognitive skills, their social functions and their ordinary work. To do this, we can build trust and relationships that make us feel good, maintain a balanced diet, accept the support of others, etc.

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Physical exercises to combat anxiety

It may seem that they are not related in principle and we think that for mental health the best thing is disconnection and rest, but this does not have to be strictly true, or at least not only. It has been proven through a large number of scientific studies that physical exercise is a very effective option to reduce the symptoms of mild and moderate depression. This is perhaps because physical activity raises serotonin levels sufficiently to produce relief.

In elevated states of stress, the body produces a hormone called cortisol, which is activated in these cases of alertness and anxiety. Our obligation at this time is to act as soon as possible and try to deactivate cortisol in the best possible way, since it is the only way we have to return to normality in the most correct and healthy way.

One of the best ways to reduce blood cortisol levels is by performing some exercises, which activate the mechanisms of our organism that are responsible for lowering these levels of the hormone in the blood and making us feel much calmer than before. If you want to know what these exercises are, enter this link and learn to reduce the levels of this hormone and to control for yourself these evils of the current way of life that affect us so much psychologically.

The exercises will make you feel better immediately, since you will be able to release tensions and will give you confidence. In general, any type of physical exercise or sport gives you these named benefits and many others, such as increasing pain tolerance and increasing brain capacity, among many others.

Other aids to eliminate states of distress

But as we said at the beginning, rest and disconnection are fundamental values ​​to send the problems derived from the modern society of speed, stress and concern to the other neighborhood. Simple actions such as a shower, relaxed music and a good book do real wonders in the body and in the mind.

Reading is one of those actions that we can undertake to feel good and, closely related to it, writing also has a therapeutic effect of great importance on our positive perception of the reality that surrounds us and ourselves.

By writing how bad we feel, this feeling will gradually move away from us. If, on the contrary, we tell beautiful stories or happy situations, our body will begin to produce the famous endorphins (hormones of happiness) just as if we were doing our favorite sport.

Resort to pretty phrases To describe positive situations, to phrases of life that help us think and develop ideas, is a great way to work this exercise beneficial to our mental health. We will be taking experience in the way we express ourselves, with short phrases or long to express the same feeling, with bright or dark ideas to brighten the day or release ballasts that are a burden.

It is a fun game to write, just for oneself or with the intention of someone else reading us. In any case, you will see how the effect of relaxation and mental balance return almost immediately. Try it, enjoy the process, very possibly when you read what you have written you will feel really good.