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50 phrases of Jean de La Fontaine

50 phrases of Jean de La Fontaine

Jean de La Fontaine (1621 - 1695) was a poet, moralist, playwright, librettist and French writer.

La Fontaine is known for its fables, collected from the tradition of diverse cultures and written in verse a La Fontaine's Fables. Some famous fables are: The cicada and the ant, The crow and the fox, The fox and the stork, The miller, his son and the donkey, The field mouse and the city mouse.

Do not miss today these beautiful phrases full of wisdom.

Famous quotes by Jean de La Fontaine

No one has dominion over love, but love dominates all things.

We often find our destiny along the paths we take to avoid it.

Man is made in such a way that when something triggers his soul, the impossibilities fade away.

Misfortune is the closest link in hearts.

I bend, but I don't break.

Nothing weighs us as much as a secret.

Nothing is more dangerous than a friend without discretion; Even a prudent enemy is preferable.

Wisdom is a treasure that never causes numbness.

Rare as true love is, true friendship is more rare.

Every flatterer lives at the expense of the listener.

Any power, if not based on union, is weak.

Man is ice for truth and fire for falsehood.

The best victory is to conquer your own heart.

Patience and time do more than strength and violence.

The shame of confessing the first mistake makes many others commit.

Be careful, while living, to judge men by their outward appearance.

Half of today is better than tomorrow.

Grace, more beautiful than beauty.

All the brains of the world are impotent against any stupidity that is fashionable.

Imagination has much more empire over us than reality.

Labor is the only capital not subject to bankruptcy.

The artisan is known for his work.

The beautiful attracts us, we despise the useful; and beauty often loses us.

Friendship, like the evening shadow, widens in the twilight of life.

In everything you have to consider the end.

Neither wealth nor greatness makes us happy.

Everyone believes very easily what they fear or desire.

We become innocent when we are unlucky.

Friendship is the shadow of the afternoon, which increases with the setting sun of life.

People who make little noise are dangerous.

Running is of no use, the important thing is to leave on time.

Sadness flies on the wings of time.

He knows the universe and does not know himself.

We risk everything for being too greedy.

The example is a dangerous lure: where the wasp went through the mosquito it sticks fast.

In all ages the little ones have had to atone for the nonsense of the big ones.

No path of flowers leads to glory.

People should help each other; It is the nature law.

A hungry stomach can't hear.

Never sell the bear's skin before one has killed the beast.

The biggest misfortune is to deserve the misfortune.

Each one falls again every time in his habitual fault.

Cheating the deceiver is doubly entertaining.

Greed loses everything for wanting everything.

From a distance it is something; and close is nothing.

Let's not exaggerate our talents, lest we do anything with grace.

Sweet thing is a true friend; Dive deep into our hearts inquiring about our needs. No saves having to discover them for ourselves.

Dressed in the skin of a lion, he spread terror everywhere.

Each newspaper editor pays tribute to the devil.

Death never takes the wise by surprise, he is always ready to leave.

In everything you have to consider the end.